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Founder & Board of Directors

Andrea Eve Wenet

Andrea Eve Wenet

Founder & Chief Shepherding Officer

Andrea leads Sanctuaries of the Earth teams; she develops and nurtures key partnerships across all major business and community sectors. Andrera’s driven by a clear commitment to ensure the realization of  SOTE’s vision, mission and the successful delivery of its measurable impact goals.

“No words, nor trustworthy telling of visiting with crystals, could have prepared me for a sustained experience of jaw-dropping awe. My heart got sucked out of my chest seeing and feeling the mind blowing art of Mother Earth.”

Tresa Thomas Massiongale

Tresa Thomas Massiongale

Consultant, Social Impact Strategy. Impact Investing & Strategic Partnerships

Tresa works closely with an active philanthropic, corporate and financial network focused on social impact, sustainability and equity. She specializes in engaging multi-sector partnerships to successfully achieve clearly defined goals and specific results.

“Whenever I see crystals, I feel a tremendous relief… a sense of coming home. I’m filled with peace, a feeling that everything is going to be ok… that humanity’s conflicts, our destruction, the gasping sprawl of our species… in the end, it will resolve in peace.”

Jan Block

Jan Block

Advocate for the Arts

Jan is invested in reducing barriers, increasing education and enhancing access to enriching art experiences for under-represented communities. Jan brings board governance expertise and deep programmatic understanding having served 18 years on the Seattle Theater Group Board, including terms as president and board chair.

“Colossal not only in stature, each crystal is a Powerhouse of strength and wisdom, imprinted with the awe inspiring mystery of the universe, rendering one speechless.”

Erika Andersson

Erika Andersson

Workplace Specialist, Robinhood

Erika leads Robinhood’s efforts to optimize the company’s workplace experience. She designs and delivers, from inception to completion, company events to enhance all of Robinhood’s partners’ experiences.

“A crystal, born of immense pressure and serendipity is the totality of a journey that transcends time –  unfazed by the mess of humanity. Perhaps it is this quality that evokes feelings of awe – and from that seed of awe, the potential for inspiration, connection, and healing.”

Janea Delk

Janea Delk

Executive Director & Tribal Liaison at Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB)

Janea, in addition to her leadership role and title at CERB, is the statewide subject matter expert for economic development infrastructure.

“Sanctuaries of the Earth is a space for one to experience the magical energy of the earth’s wonders; through crystal and fossil collections on a level never experienced before. SOTE will offer programs for people of all ages and all walks of life to experience what their ancestors always knew, so that future generations will never forget.”

Manny Rivera

Manny Rivera

Principal, Rally: An issue-driven communications firm

Manny leads communications for a wide range of high-profile clients including national non-profit organizations, philanthropists, and foundations across a range of issue areas. He offers strategic communications guidance to amplify key messages and drive audiences to action.

“There is nothing more magical than being confronted by Mother Earth’s finest artistry. Colossal crystals and fossils are an extreme eye-opening combination of art and science, beauty and strength, and an experience that should be accessible to everyone.”

Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson

Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Seattle Foundation

Stephen advises clients on effective philanthropic strategies to drive resource distribution, facilitate meaningful philanthropic impact and create long-standing legacies. In his free time, he studies indigenous wisdom and healing traditions.

“Our time in this world is brief. We could spend it all learning lessons from Mother Earth and still not learn everything she has to teach. These enduring, monumental crystals are an unclouded portal into some of that truth: we are beings transformed, like these rocks under chance conditions; we are precious just as we are.”

Teresa Wells

Teresa Wells

Managing Director, Tiedemann Advisors

Teresa leads the Seattle office and also works directly with clients to offer holistic wealth planning and advice to families and foundations, specializing in work with impact investors.

“Crystals offer us a tangible way to connect to the mysteries of nature, to hold in our hands something stunningly beautiful that has withstood our awareness of matter, pressure and time. They have the power to simultaneously remind us both of our insignificance and our importance, by being endowed with a planet capable of magic.”

Shauna Decker

Pacifica Law Group
Gerry Johnson
Jon Jurich 

Jayson Beatty

MASS Design Group
Justin Brown
Caitlin Taylor

Sam Stubblefield
Joshua Borsman




Bonnie Main

No words, nor trustworthy telling of visiting with crystals, could have prepared me for a sustained experience of jaw-dropping awe. My heart got sucked out of my chest seeing and feeling the mind blowing art of Mother Earth.

Andrea Wenet

Chief Shepherding Officer

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