Places of peace and refuge

Colossal Crystals

Cross the Threshold

Sanctuaries of the Earth (SOTE), is a Spark Awe & Wonder movement. Starting in Seattle, visitors will cross the threshold of a Sanctuary (i.e. a pier, an earth hut, a cistern, a repurposed building, etc.) where conscientiously mined colossal crystals imagine +7,000 lbs > 500 million year old – spark awe and wonder! The growing constellation of Sanctuaries will lead to the eventual Museum of the Earth (MOTE) in Seattle.

Cristales cueva de Naica


“Awe is a lighting bolt that marks in memory those moments when we see with startling clarity what is truly important in life…moments of awe may be the most important, transformative experiences in life.”

-Elkins, student of Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning.

The Story

Andrea Wenet shared the vision for Sanctuaries of the Earth with press.

With global headquarters in Seattle, a group of Seattle-based visionaries has (more than) an idea to create a Spark Wonderment movement. The Sanctuaries of the Earth (SOTE) project, where crystals are the foundation, epicenter and apex, is designed to help heal the human spirit and Mother Earth. 

Sanctuaries that inspire

Each sanctuary will be a place of peace and refuge. They may take the shape of an earth hut, arise in a repurposed cistern, or be folded seamlessly into the environment. Sanctuaries will link guests to the earth and each other, creating a community of the awe-inspired.

Truly Colossal

SOTE has built relationships with conscientious mining families from around the world. Our mining partners are devoted to their families, their communites and Mother Earth. Through their efforts, SOTE will bring together a collection of colossal crystals from diverse origins, whose beauty and existence are hard to comprehend. 

How large can crystals grow? The largest quartz crystal, unearthed in Namibia, weighs over 30,000 pounds. The gypsum crystals of the Naica Cave of the Crystals in Mexico shown here are a wonder to behold. 


Cristales cueva de Naica