What is Sanctuaries of the Earth (SOTE)?

At the foundation of the project are conscientiously mined, colossal (think > 7000lbs) crystals.  Visitors will literally cross the threshold of a ‘Sanctuary’ – may be an earth hut, a cistern, a pier, an abandoned repurposed building –  that is designed to optimize the experience of being with Mother Earth’s finest art. SOTE is a project to Spark Awe & Wonder!


Why is the SOTE project important now? 

The SOTE experience will provide peace and a space for contemplation. With climate change…the pandemic…political strife…there is too much trauma all around us.  SOTE’s Spark Awe & Wonder movement is committed to access for all of Seattle’s diverse communities and neighborhoods. We will reconnect people to the art and science of the natural world; SOTE will serve as a pathway to healing.


How do Sanctuaries of the Earth connect to the Museum of the Earth?

SOTE’s grass-roots movement is unique and disruptive in a positive way. All collections housed in Sanctuaries will eventually be exhibited in the Museum of the Earth. The Museum of the Earth, a permanent brick and mortar structure, will engage luminary lecturers, provide a variety of healing and meditative spaces, house galleries showing earth-related original fine art and provide education and outreach programs. All designs, activities and programs are mission driven, and impact goal oriented.


How does SOTE intend to build a Spark Awe & Wonder movement?

Sanctuaries will start in Seattle. Inherent in our mission is creating a constellation of Sanctuaries by sharing the ‘blueprint’  with communities interested in joining and accelerating the movement. In time, all curated giant crystals housed in Sanctuaries will be exhibited together at the Museum of the Earth (MOTE).   

What evidence exists, supporting SOTE’s ability to deliver on its goals? 

Twenty years of scientific research reveals that awe, SOTE’s #1 goal is a healing experience. The top two triggers are nature and beauty. Evidence suggests that experiencing awe causes one to be more generous, compassionate, open and enthusiastic; it triggers a flow state. Physiologically, oxygen saturation levels increase, heart rate decreases, as does inflammation. Veterans – after exposure to awe experiences – showed a 32% drop in PTSD. Through programmatic partnerships, SOTE will ‘harness’ awe, and provide visitors with opportunities for positive change.

What is SOTE seeking? 

Sanctuaries of the Earth is a non-profit start-up. We are seeking strategic advisors, board members, funders, and programmatic partners. 


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