frequently asked questions

What are Sanctuaries of the Earth?

Sanctuaries of the Earth (SOTE) is a project to help heal the human spirit and Mother Earth. Crystals from all over the world live at the foundation, epicenter and apex of the project. Each Sanctuary (aka – earth hut) will exhibit a collection of curated colossal crystals. In 2022-23, Sanctuaries will pop-up in Seattle, then in communities around the US and globe. The constellation of Sanctuaries creates the pathway to the Museum of the Earth in 2027.


Why is the SOTE project important now? 

SOTE is a 180° experience! It’s an enlightening refuge from the endless barrage of chaos and tumult. The human species is suffering and traumatized. The SOTE experience is a radical contrast. SOTE ignites awe and curiosity by reconnecting people to the artistry and scientific nature of Mother Earth. SOTE directly provides opportunities for healing oneself, one’s community and Mother Earth.


What is the purpose of Sanctuaries – or Earth Huts? 

The assemblage of Sanctuaries creates a Spark Wonderment movement. The purpose of the movement is to ignite awe, a counterbalanced experience to suffering. All visitors will cross the threshold of an earth Sanctuary with the opportunity to join in community with all other visitors. Through programmatic partnerships, SOTE will harness visitors’ experiences and provide programs and pathways for healing.


How do you describe SOTE and differentiate it from MOTE?

SOTE-to-MOTE is a novel high-impact enterprise. Translated from business strategies, SOTE’s a “Blue Ocean” opportunity. It’s a positively unique and disruptive experience. The popping-up of easily accessible earth huts, housing colossal curated crystals for all people to see,  is unheard of – unique to stay the least. Visiting SOTE ignites the Spark Wonderment movement.  The grass-roots movement spurs curiosity and drives for the Museum of the Earth. Unlike the earth Sanctuaries, MOTE will engage luminary lecturers, provide meditative spaces, show earth-related original fine art, and provide additional educational programs. All designs, activities and programs are mission driven, and impact goal oriented.


What evidence exists, supporting SOTE’s ability to deliver on its goals? 

Our #1 goal is to inspire awe. Eighteen years of “The Science of Awe” research reveals that awe is a healing experience. Awe decreases stress and increases well-being. In addition, the top two triggers of awe are nature and beauty. SOTE will partner with research institutions to add to the body of scientific literature to substantiate SOTE’s individual, social and environmental benefits.


What are you seeking? 

Wisdom and partnership. We are in Tucson to visit with sage advisors and prospective partners interested in learning about SOTE and getting to know our team.


What are your partnership values? 

Commitment to a common mission. Trust. Complementary Capabilities. Generosity.


As a prospective partner, what are the investment incentives?

The SOTE story will generate intense media interest from community, economic recovery, wellness, environment, philanthropic and general market press.

For Philanthropists & Investors: SOTE is seeking capital from aligned investors and philanthropists who connect to and believe in our mission​. Early philanthropic investments allowed us to define key strategies and develop indispensable partnerships. We are seeking long-term partners​, where together in an inclusive environment, we will execute SOTE with the financial support of philanthropic allies and aligned catalytic investors.

For Exhibitors – Dealers – Miners: SOTE is an opportunity to showcase your finest collectables at locations where previously, access and exposure have been limited. SOTE will provide gallery space and opportunities for marketing, merchandising and sales.

For Collectors:  SOTE is a legacy opportunity to leverage your inspired collection and extend your influence globally and across generations. We are inviting those interested in sharing their collections in state-of-the art architecture, built specifically to showcase amazing specimens of nature’s finest art. With your SOTE partnership, you will also join together with like-minded civic leaders and philanthropists who share your passion for crystals and elevating humanity’s highest ideals.

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