The Science of Awe

Awe potentiates the better angels of our nature…it helps us situate ourselves in the larger systems of life and meaning. Wonder and curiosity are the forms of energy that get us there. 

In the Vastness…

The Self Becomes Silent

Dacher Keltner Ph.D, Founding Director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, is the foremost expert on the science of emotions and is the host of the Center’s award winning podcast, The Science of Happiness. In Jan 2023, Dacher will be releasing a groundbreaking and essential exploration into the history, science and greater understanding of awe. Listen to Keltner’s riveting 1:58 second explanation of how awe affects the human brain.

Crystals Ignite Awe

Science of awe research is fairly nascent, ~ 20 years. Growing data consistently finds that the emotion of awe is frequently triggered by beauty and nature. Research shows a high positive correlation between awe and compassion, openness, politeness, industriousness, orderliness and enthusiasm. Physiologically, studies have revealed evidence that awe increases oxygen saturation and decreases heart rate.